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Since many same sounding names duplicate doctors are in practice in Lko. So to avoid duplicacy when you come to Lko.

You can hire a Taxi/Auto/Rickshaw for Dr. S K Jain’s Burlington Clinic Pvt. Ltd. Which is located only & Only on Vidhan Sabha Marg Burlington Crossing Lko.

When you reach to the clinic you can have a confirmation by seening the big glows or board of Dr S K Jain Burlington Clinic Private Limited. Lko..

(Clinic is ISO Certified)
Awarded by America
And since to avoid duplicators clinic patient mobile van (Ambulance) is available on charbagh Lko reailway station, airport(Lko) Amausi from morning 7 am to eve. 6 pm. Which is free of cost for any inconvienience contact immedietly at
24 Hours Helpline :
+919415002222, +919935109999,
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