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Q. What is Masturbation?

Ans. Masturbation is stimulation of one’s own genital to achieve orgasm (It’s main cause is bad company). It gives a unique pleasure. Those who practice masturbation forget that it would destroy their strong sex drive which is vital for the satisfaction of their partners.

Q. What are the ill effect’s of Masturbation?

Ans. Masturbation is nothing else but sexual intercourse where in place of vagina the person uses his own hands or some other object . If sexual intercourse is harmless , so also is masturbation, has no adverse effect on the penis size or on sexual performance .But as the famous proverb say’s “Excess of everything is bad” – Excessive masturbation impedes full development of genitals . The body turns weak . The person turns hot tempered and unfriendly . It first leads to night discharge and then semen passes with urine . It upsets the digestive system and person loses strength Any young person who suspects of such a disability before or after marriage may take treatment from us and recover fully .

Q. What is Night Discharge?

Ans. If a man while asleep, during day or night , dreams of a women and haves sex with that woman in dream itself , under such a condition his semen gets discharged (while the man is asleep) . Such a discharge may also be due to excessive pungent and stimulating foods or substances .
In case , such a discharge in sleep occurs three to four times in a month the person concerned should immediately consult some VD specialist because the aggravated disease may cause complete sleeplessness. Others symptoms are weakness disappearance of beauty and brightness on the face , giddiness , darkness in sight, tiredness even after light work , failing memory etc. The person may become even impotent if the disease takes deep roots . Hence early treatment by a specialist is advised .

Q. What is Spermatorrhea?

Ans. Discharge of white sticky substance along with the urine is called Spermatorrhoea. It is caused due to excessive masturbation or sex . It is also caused due inefficient Digestive system and general weakness. If not treated in time , it becomes incurable . With the aggravation of the disease , the semen gets thinner and brightness on the face is lost . The genital becomes lax and the person fails to satisfy his partner sexually.

Q. What is Premature Ejaculation?

Ans. It relates to early discharge of semen in sexual act . The normal time for discharge is three to four minutes . If discharge takes place before three or four minutes , it is considered pre mature ejaculation

Q. What is Impotency?

Ans. Impotent is one who fails to satisfy his partner sexually (A woman is like a meter to gauge the potency of a man). Impotency is the result of many factors, in many cases immediate discharge takes place . The man becomes so much disheartened and disappointed that sometimes attempts suicide . Opium and medicines made of opium should not be taken for treatment ( Excessive degree of this disease may lead to impotency ).

Q. What is Syphilis?

Ans. Syphilis is a contagious and nasty disease . It is the result of prostitution or intercourse with the woman suffering from Syphilis . In the beginning a small pimple appears on the cap of the penis often with not much pain . There is some irritation on the penis . The patient feels pleasure in scrubbing it . Gradually the pimple increases in size and many other pimples appear on the penis which later take shape of a pain full wound . The disease tormenting when germs of the disease enter the blood stream . The germs particularly effect the brain and eyes of the patient who may be rendered mad or blind . The patient need not get panicky . He must start treatment as early as possible to be cured of this disease.

Q. What is Gonorrhea?

Ans. A nasty disease – this disease is the result of prostitution or intercourse with the woman who may be in her periods . It causes wound inside the genitals and pain during discharge of urine . In case the disease remains untreated , puss is formed inside the genital which gets swelled . It must be treated immediately because the off-springs may also suffer from it , if untreated. The patient need not loose his heart he should consult a VD specialist and take treatment with patience.

Q. What is Leucorrhoea?

Ans. It is a disease in women . It ruins life of a women as spermatorrhea ruins that of a man . It is a very painful disease . In this disease there is discharge of white and reddish watery substance from vagina . It eats into the vitality of the patients and weakens her. The symptoms are – feeling tired most of the time , light pain in abdomen and lower legs , weakness of heart and brain , light temperature and pain in the waist heaving, paleness of body and anaemia. The patient may develop Tuberculosis ( T.B. ) also

Q. Where is the clitoris located?

Ans. If a finger is run down from umbilicus (naval) it will first pass through the pubic hair of the partner . It will then go into the slit in which the female external genitals (Vulva) is situated . The first organ that the finger will encounter is the clitoris . It will feel like a pea . If looked carefully by separating the lips of the vulva it appears like a miniature penis without the urinary opening . Usually it is covered with a hood of skin which will have to be pushed back to view the head of clitoris .

Treatment Cost

Q. How much your treatment cost?

Ans. Our medicines are not so costly .Our treatment cost ranges from ( I.N.R. ) Rs. 5500/- ( $ 116) to ( I.N.R. ) Rs. 15500/- ( $ 326)

Depending on the severity of the disease, treatment can cost upto Rs. 35500/- and above for the special treatment.

Q. What is the duration of the treatment ?

Ans. The normal duration of our treatment is one month , but some of our patients disease may take longer time to be cured, depending upon it’s intensity.

Q. Do you hospitalize patients?

Ans. No, the patients is not required to stay here or get hospitalized.

Q. What kind of test do you perform in your treatment?

Ans. Generally we perform the Semen analysis , in order to make the correct diagnosis.

Q. What do you suggest for the patients who are already taking allopathic medicine , whether you stop there medicine or let it continue?

Ans. No, we do not stop the allopathic treatment of the patient , we give our medicine together with those medicines.

Q. How much medicine do you prescribe in the beginning, is the patient required to take the medicine personally , or you have some other means of sending medicines?

Ans. We send medicine through post, courier or parcel . Our clinic is fully computerized and all records are maintained on computers .With the help of computers we send medicine within 15 days after receiving payment ( draft or cheque ). Patients are not required to come personally to collect there medicine.

Q. What honors have you received till date ?

Ans. Various honors received by me till date are listed below :
" Gold Star Award " by British high commissioner in London.
" Glory of India Award " by chief minister of New Delhi Mr. Saheb Singh Verma in New Delhi.
" Dr. of the Millennium Award " by Central Broadcasting minister Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan.
" Vijay Shree Award " by Industry minister Mr. H.C.S.Balli.
" Kohinoor ofIndia Award "by Maneka Gandhi.
" National Health Excellency Award " by Central minister Shree Bangaroo Duttatreya.

Q. Which is the last recognition received by you so far?

Ans. Last recognition received by me is "Dr. of the Millennium Award " by Central Minister Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan.

Q. Is it necessary to bring the patient along?

Ans. It is mandatory for the patient to come for the first time as the medicine for each patient is different . Patients come to my clinic from all over the globe . After taking the medicine, they can go back on the same day . For the long distance patients , the nearest way is to reach Delhi .From Delhi it’s only overnight journey and one can easily get Train/bus/taxi service for Lucknow .

Q. For how long you have been practicing on this disease?

Ans. I have been practicing since 1975 and have treated approximately 74000 patients and I give treatment only for sexual diseases.

Q. As there is no permanent cure for the sex diseases, how far is your treatment effective?

Ans. Our treatment uproots the disease completely if taken regularly for the prescribed time duration.

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