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Dr.S.K.Jain was born on 2.6.1950 in Lucknow. He inherited a legacy of renowned physicians with his father Shri Rajvaid Chandra Kumar Jain, famous ayurvedacharya of his time and Shri Rajvaid Chandrasen Jain his grandfather, founder of S.K.Jain clinic.
Dr.S.K.Jain pursued his education at Lucknow and finished his matriculation from Vidyant Hindu Degree College and higher secondary education from K.K.C. , later on he joined B.Sc. at K.K.C.

but his desire to continue his service done by his father and grand father in the field of medicine prompted him to join B.A.M.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurveda with Modern Medicine & Surgery) at Lucknow University in the year 1974.
His childhood blossomed under the able guidance of Rajvaid Shri Chandra Sen Jain, his Grand father renowned Physician and scholar of Sanskrit. It is during these formative years of his life he inculcated the values and ethics of service to mankind.
Extraordinary brilliant as S.K.Jain was, he passed out from Lucknow University with B.A.M.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurveda with Modern Medicine & Surgery ) Degree in the year 1974 with flying colors . In the year 1990 he was selected to pursue his higher studies in London and he got his M.R.S.H ( Member of Royal Society of Health) recognition in the year 1991.
After he finished M.R.S.H. (Member of Royal Society of Health) in London, loads of offer started pouring in for him to stay back in London and practice there but he refused all of them to return back to India and serve the people of India, a place which had given him all the love and recognition .
He specialized in the field of curing Sexual Weakness, Spermozooia the problem of inadequate sperm count, Childless Couple and Veneral Diseases . During his entire educational career he tried to find remedies for the above problems.
On his way to find suitable cure for errectile dysfunction he developed “VICTORY–100” capsules which were clinically found to be 1000 times better than American drug “VIAGRA”. The result of which,are very encouraging. For his this research, Dr. S.K.Jain was awarded the “ DOCTOR OF THE MILLENNIUM” in the year 1998 by honorable minister Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan.
During his illustrious career of 27 years he has treated more than 74000 patients and shown them the path of happiness.
Dr. S. K. Jain extensively traveled to various countries including Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Nepal etc. and shared his experiences with world famous Doctors regarding the sexual problems. He delivered lectures on sexual problems in various countries.
“Dr. S. K. Jain's Burlington Clinic Pvt. Ltd.” has successfully completed seventy five years in the service of mankind and Dr. S.K.Jain's love for his country and it’s people has motivated him to make an International Hospital at Raibrailley road Lucknow.

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