Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision
Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide best in class facilities for diagnosis & treatment to our patient by qualified & experienced doctors using modern medication system considering their emotional and physical conditions and to serve them promptly with cure and care. Our organizational goal is to eradicate all sexual problems from roots to bring back the happiness & prosperity in each family.

Dr. S. K. Jain’s Burlington Clinic Pvt. Ltd. is working with a mission to eradicate the all sexual problems(Erectile Dysfunctin, Dhat, Premature Ejaculation and Low Libido) from the world i.e. “Educate to Eradicate”. This means we educate our patients to cure there sexual problem from its root cause origin. Recognizing the needs of the market and the developments in sexual problems, Dr. S. K. Jain’s Burlington Clinic endeavours to be a trend-setting, world-class, globally-present sexual healthcare institution, offering quality and high-standard treatment to its patients, enabling them to improve and maintain their health & sexual life, with due regard to post-treatment concerns.

The institution shall differentiate itself through cordial relationships, responsiveness, technology, competence, connectivity, immediacy, service environment, monitoring and infrastructure. It will attempt to reach out to the people and provide the benefits of positive health mainly through Ayurveda & Allopathy. 


Considering dignity, our vision is to give complete attention and best of our services to resolve all the sexual ailments which come across in the way of health and well-being. We are the No. 1 ranked Sexologist Clinic and desire to take our success to another level with respect to hospitality.

Burlington Clinic Pvt. Ltd. Lucknow wishes to add a new dimension to the Sexology, Sexual Health & Sexual Medicine industry by providing it with credibility and status, by increasing its market share domestically & internationally and by complementing the overburdened public healthcare sector without the typical high quality facilities of the private sector, to provide solutions for certain sexual problems, and to globalize the benefits of positive health by going international.

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