Old Age Sex
It is often believed that old people don't have sex anymore. This turns out to be untrue. More variants are invented for making love, because certain positions are not possible anymore. For most women around the age of 50, the menopause occurs. Besides all kinds of psychological and social changes there are also a number of hormonal changes. These hormonal changes make the mucous membrane thinner and more sensitive to pain and it gets damaged more easily. This can lead to pain while making love. However, it's not just the hormones that play a role. Women get psychologically aroused less quickly. Old men ejaculate less quickly; sometimes the desire to make love is also much reduced. Erection problems occur more often. In most cases the frequency of making love is lower, but the pleasure in making love increases. This also depends on the quality of the relationship and how the partners treat each other.
In women, lubrication takes a longer time to occur. A man may often require direct physical stimulation to achieve erection & the same is also true of a woman's lubrication. The colour of the semen changes from white to light yellow, the consistency gets thinner & the quantity decreases. This occurs due to the changes of hormonal levels. The menopause is the cessation in menstrual periods that occur in most women sometime between the ages of 45 to 53. At the time, the body's reproductive machinery shuts downs gradually. Some women harbour the misconception that menopause marks the end of their sexual activities and this fear (about their waning sexuality) increase their sex drive to reaffirm their reasons. As Practitioner of it is our duty to explain to the older couple the physiological changes that occur with age and reassure them that a healthy conjugal relationship is a normal & acceptable form of behavior, at any age, because sexuality is as important for the old as it is for the young. In this regard any inability can be consulted & rectified.
It is very old saying that “Men and Horse never gets old” and it’s the truth by our ayurvedic treatment  sexual power can be regained at any age in both mens and womens.
For proper regaining of sexual power with the help of our four generation time tested medicines which will help to have a permanent gain in the length and girth of penis. These treatments are only available in Dr.S.K.Jain’s Burlington Clinic (P) Ltd Lucknow  and they are the only successfull treatments available in the world which are a combination of most precious herbo-mineral drugs, effective massage oils and penis enlargement techniques so as to produce an effective gain of sexual power. Thereby, increasing the endurance, libido and sexual confidence which a male needs to perform.
Dr.S.K.Jain’s Burlington Clinic (P) Ltd Lucknow treatment for regaining of sexual power has been used by thousands of men over the years to achieve spectacular results. The treatment essentially boosts blood circulation into penis vessels and stimulates muscles .and tissues in the penile region. The treatment helps to get better erections along with penis enlargement which is permanent.
Simultaneously in female Dr.S.K.Jain’s Burlington Clinic (P) Ltd Lucknow treatment for regaining of sexual power has become A BOON TO MANKIND.IT helps in increasing sexual desire i.e.LIBIDO and maintaining hormonal imbalance,increasing vaginal blood flow and lubrication,it also make a patient physically fit ,mentally relaxed & sexually regained. 
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