Surgical Procedures
Breast Implants
Breast enlargement or breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery which is becoming very popular in India. It is fast becoming a status symbol. Getting breast implants is a great way to feel confident and feminine again; it makes you feel good about your figure and boosts your self esteem.At Burlington Clinic Pvt Ltd  the breast enlargement surgery is performed by top qualified cosmetic surgeons who have many years of experience performing breast augmentation surgery. They have produced beautiful results while keeping the safety of their patients as their priority.Full counseling is given about the procedure, its benefits and after care requirements. The breast implants used are of international standard and safe.If you are not happy with the size (smallness) of your breast or have decreased breast size after childbirth or breast feeding, then get your online consultation now to know how breast enlargement surgery can give you the breasts of the size and shape that you always dreamed of.
We understand that getting breast augmentation surgery is a very personal matter and we guarantee your privacy 100%. Your details will never be shared with any third party.
Hymnoplasty is a surgical procedure which restores a women’s hymen, in effect restoring her virginity. The reasons to get hymnoplasty done can be varied but generally they are social or cultural in nature.Some cultures like those in India and Middle East place high value on a young women being a virgin on her wedding night. Unfortunately sometimes this can lead to some serious consequences for the girl and her family; especially if there is no tell tale sign of a little bleeding during the first sexual intercourse between the newly weds.Ignorance plays a large part in this as most people don’t realize that the hymen doesn’t only get ruptured due to sexual intercourse but also due sporting activities like cycling, gymnastics and even with the use of tampons. In fact it is common for no bleeding to occur even when the hymen is ruptured for the first time.
This unfortunate ignorance on the part of others in society puts a lot of young women in mental stress and anguish, because they are constantly worrying about the reaction of their new husband and his family in case of non bleeding during the wedding night.The surgical procedure to the hymen is safe and relatively fast. It requires minimal post surgery rest and one can be back to their normal chores within a day or so of the surgery.The surgeons at Burlington Clinic Pvt Ltd  have a lot of experience in performing hymnoplasty and have performed this surgery successfully hundreds of times.
The whole process, leading upto, during and after surgery is done in full confidentiality and your privacy is 100% guaranteed.
Penis enlargement surgery (Phalloplasty) also sometimes known as male enlargement surgery is done for penis lengthening and penis widening.Phalloplasty helps men who feel that their sex life is lacking due to inadequate size of their penis. Enlarging their penis makes them feel good about themselves and gives them confidence during sexual intercourse, which makes lovemaking more pleasurable for both the partners.This new found sexual confidence can transform their lives not only with their partner but also in other aspects of their life, be it at work or even among friends.
Phalloplasty is a safe and effective surgical procedure. Our specialist phalloplasty surgeon who perfoms this surgery is very experienced and has perfrmed this type of surgery multiple times with very successful results..All your medical records are kept totally confidential and your privacy is 100% guaranteed.
Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure for tightening the vagina. This surgery is for those women who especially after childbirth, experience that they are “loose” there, in other words the vagina and the surrounding tissues and muscles do not return to their normal size or the pre pregnancy diameter.
This loss of vaginal strength and tone can lead to decreased friction during sexual intercourse, making love making less pleasurable for one or both the partners, at least (less than what they felt before child birth) Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation can change this, tighten the vigania and make love making more pleasurable for both the partners. This surgery is safe and is performed by our specialist surgeons. This surgery can be performed within 48 hrs of the consultation and the post recovery period is not very long. Your privacy is of paramount importance to us and all the records are kept confidential and never shared with anyone.
Circumcision is a surgical procedure to partially or completely remove the foreskin of the penis. Circumcision is normally done due to religious or cultural reasons. But nowadays it is being performed more and more for health and hygiene reasons.
The medical reasons why circumcision is performed is to counter Phimosis ( foreskin contraction), this condition can lead to painful local irritation and urinary tract infection. Studies have also shown that circumcision can also help boys who are suffering from kidney abnormalities, by limiting kidney infections.
Studies are also showing that circumcision can help reduce the risk of HIV transmissions. In some studies, the infection rate was 50% less in circumcised men when compared to uncircumcised men.
Circumcision is usually performed on new born baby boys but can be safely done on boys or men of any age. The qualified doctors who perform this surgery at Burlington Clinic Pvt Ltd are very experienced and have done thousands of such surgeries safely. Full after care instructions and counseling is given to patients and their families.
Get your online consultation now to know if circumcision is right for you or your child. We guarantee 100% privacy.
Penile Implants
Penile implant or prosthesis is done in those erectile dysfunction cases where the cause of ED is medical and conventional counseling and medication has not been effective to treat impotence. Penile implant surgery allows these men, who suffer from acute erectile dysfunction or impotence to have an erection whenever they choose to do so, it is easier to conceal and more natural.
About 90% to 95% penile prosthesis produces erections which are suitable for sexual intercourse. This surgery has proven to be a lifeline for those men, who before had no chance of sexual pleasure and satisfying their partner.
Now because of this surgery they can start living a relatively normal sex life. We have on our team surgeons who specialize in penile implants and have performed many safe and successful penile prosthesis surgeries.
We guarantee 100% privacy and confidentiality. You can rest assured that your details will never be shared with any third party.
Get your online consultation right now to find out if penile implant surgery is for you.
Penis Enlargement
Penile augmentation is divided into two categories: Penile Lengthening and Penile Girth Enhancements. Often combinations of the treatments are done. If you are thinking about these options, first consult a primary care physician. He/she can then refer a urologist, or counselor/psychologists/psychiatrist, that can further discuss any concerns, as well as the possible treatment options that are best for you. A urologist specializing in Phalloplastic Surgery should do penile augmentation surgery.
Lengthening - Penis Enlargement
There are two main types of procedures for elongation, or the adding the appearance of penis length.
Girth Enhancement - Penis Enlargement
There are several options for widening or thickening the penis.
Lengthening - Penis Enlargement
There are two main types of procedures for elongation, or the adding the appearance of penis length.
1.     Liposuction: Reduces fat around the base of the penis in order to expose more of the base area of the penis, therefore giving an appearance of greater length. This technique is performed primarily in obese men when their protruding belly conceals some of the base of their penis. The amount of fat that can be extracted in liposuction varies in each man. In some men, fatty tissue may have to be cut out.
2.   Ligament Release: Cuts the suspensory ligaments to expose the portion of the base of the penis that is found behind the pubic bone. A ligament is a band of tissue that holds the penis closer up against the pubic bone. Detaching the penis from these ligaments releases this portion of the penis from the base, freeing more of the penis to hang from the pelvis, giving it the appearance of greater length. However, some men find that they do not gain any length during erection after having this surgery. After surgery, patients need to attach external weights to their penis in order to prevent re-attachment of the ligament to the pubic bone so that their additional penile length gain is reversed. Sometimes, fat from other areas of the man’s body is placed in the area of ligament release to also prevent re-adherence. Other techniques with tissue expanders are sometimes used.
Girth Enhancement - Penis Enlargement
There are also several options for widening or thickening the penis.
1. Grafts: A graft is when a healthy tissue is removed from one site on a person’s body and transplanted to another.Penile girth can be increased by placing different types of tissue (like fat or tissue grafts) under the skin of the penis.
2. Fat Injection: Injects biosynthetic fat or fat from another area of the man’s  body area into the penis. Unfortunately, this fat is often reabsorbed within a year or two, or in some cases in a few months. When this happens, the penis returns to its original size. Also, as the fat settles, lumpy deposits sometimes form that can look and feel strange. Therefore, results are only temporary, often leading to the procedure having to be done over again to maintain the results. As a result, doctors often have multiple sessions where they inject less fat each time. This increases the chance for the fat injected to obtain a new blood supply and survive, which also reduces reabsorption and lumps from appearing.
3. Flaps: Involves taking tissue flaps from the surrounding pubic area and repositioning them into incisions made at the base of penis. The end of these flaps that are still attached to the patient are then tunneled under the skin on the shaft of the penis and the other end of the flap is anchored at the far end of the penis (near the head of the penis). The major benefit to this procedure is that since blood supply to the tissue is preserved, survival of the tissue is often good. Unfortunately, because of its complexity, this procedure takes longer than the others. Also, bulging at the turnover area at base of penis sometimes occurs, but this usually reduces over time.


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