Sex Fitness Checkup
Dr.S.K.Jain’s Burlington Clinic (P) Ltd Lucknow  in valueable guidance of Dr.Saransh Jain & Dr.Tanupriya Jain We give complete sex education & teach the techniques to woman about the various techniques for improving sexlife.
1.) Techniques for enjoying herself & the partner better.
2.) Techniques for woman getting orgasm more often.
3.) Techniques for delaying discharge of the male partner & make him hard better during sexual intercourse so that man can do sex for longer time & woman enjoys more.
4.) Techniques for arousing women so that a cold woman also starts enjoying sex.
5.) Techniques for making frigid women sexually more active.
6.) Techniques for increasing desire of female for sexual intercourse so that woman gets ready more often.
7.) Techniques for making woman orgasmic during sexual intercourse so that woman gets orgasm more often.
8.) Techniques of sex therapy so that women does not have any kind of fear of failure & performance anxiety during sexual intercourse so that She gets orgasm more pleasurable.
9.) Techniques for orgasm more enjoyable.
10) Techniques of sex therapy so that woman does not get pain during sexual intercourse so that woman gets orgasm more often.
How to achieve female multi-orgasmic
(Online or personally at our centre)
Woman body is like a musical instrument the more you learn how to excite it, better you'll perform. We teach the patient each erogenous part of female body, way to locate it & how to excite the women in most effective way. If you learn the art of sexually stimulating the women i.e. learn about the foreplay, interplay& after-play the women gets lot of enjoyment & she gets orgasm more frequently. The various techniques are taught by showing the pictures & via other print media. We teach them how to locate the G. spot in vagina where even little foreplay is so stimulating to the women that she gets the orgasm very fast. By learning these techniques even a frigid, cold women becomes a good lover. So everyone should learn how to love his or her partner. Thus contact us now either at our centre or online. 
Do I need to see your centre even if I am having normal sex life?  
Yes everybody should meet the sexual expert for so that performance can be further improved & one does not get any problem in future. This you may get online or at our centre costing just Rs. 500/=. This may be done online or at our centre. 


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