Sex Therapy

At Dr.S.K.Jain’s Burlington Clinic (P) Ltd Lucknow  in valueable guidance of Dr.Saransh Jain & Dr.Tanupriya Jain all below mentioned sex therapy exercises we can do either at our centre or online.
(1) Sex Therapy for erectile dysfunction: by sensate focus exercises, masters & Johnson's sex therapy exercises are very effective in curing partial or complete impotence.
Once we found out the cause we treat internal causes like hormone disorder & decrease penile blood supply. But even after treating above basic primary causes of impotence, Many times patients still do not recovers fully because of his fear of failure, sexual performance anxiety and spectatoring attitude. These secondary factors do not allow him to function normally. For cure of these secondary problem patient needs details sex therapy. Basic purpose of this exercise is to make patient free of any fear of sexual performance. After this exercises all performance anxiety disappears. In sex therapy the patient is taught various exercises & how to use various body part in particular way so that erection become good, sustained & patient does not have any fear. Normally in six to eight sittings patient's all fear disappears. Sex therapy is a very effective in impotence, premature ejaculation. Thus we advise all of our patients not to hurry, and take few sessions of sex therapy sittings for permanent cure. 
(2) Sex Therapy for premature ejaculation: 
In sex therapy two exercises are taught to patient along with medicines. These are:
Stop-start technique 
Kegel exercises
Squeeze Therapy
& certain behavioral therapy exercises
These sex therapy exercises when practiced by patient for four weeks then patient is able to sustain erection without ejaculation for at least 8 to 10 minutes. After the full course of treatment once you have reached the point where you can chose when you will ejaculate, you may find it helpful to continue using the sex therapy exercises on various occasions to help lengthen the lovemaking period. The use of this should be incorporated into love making and used at any point along the way for the rest of your life. 
If premature ejaculation has evolved into impotence, then that should be given attention first. Then impotence must be treated before the premature ejaculation.
Sex therapy for low libido: is offered in which we teach the patient about the various techniques in such a way that it increase the enjoyment of body touch better hardness of penis & sustained penile erection & takes longer time in discharge. All this improves the desire of sex as well as enjoyment of sex.
Sex therapy for other sex problems: as female sex sex problem & other abnormal behaviors in sex is 
also offered.


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