Impotence in Diabetics & Heart Patients

Impotence in Diabetics & Heart Patients

About 50% of diabetic patients with high blood sugar ultimately become impotent. It can occur at young age or old age. It occurs more frequently at older age & after many years of uncontrolled high blood sugar, but in some it can occur at younger age also. It is more common in patients with other associated complications as Nerve, Kidney or Heart involvement. In those in whom sugar is not well-controlled chances of developing impotence is more. It is also more in those who have hypertension & taking medicines for that & also in alcoholics & smokers. 
The causes for impotence in diabetics are as follows: - 
(i) Hormones Disorder (Deficiency of male sex hormones or increase in some inhibitory hormone as high prolactin & disorders of Thyroids can cause erectile dysfunctions.
(ii) Decreased penile blood supply due to deposition of cholesterol in penile blood circulation or in arteries supplying blood to penis.
(iii) Endothelial & smooth muscle disorders leads to decreased dilatation of penile vessels on sexual stimulation so that blood is unable to reach in penis thus full hardness is not achieved.
(iv) Affection of penile nerve i.e. penile neuropathy. 
(v) Psychogenic factors as presence of depression or other psychiatric illness.
For detail investigation to diagnose the cause of erectile disorder read page diagnosis of cause of impotence 
Treatment will be sex therapy, drugs, injection therapy, hormones & prosthesis etc. depending on the cause of impotence & etiology. For detail read treatment of impotence.
Impotence after heart attack (MI) is very common it occurs due to decreased penile blood supply decreases hormone, fear of another myocardial infarction (M.I.) & sex center disorder. This can be treated in three months time after proper investigation.
Erectile disorder in Chronic Renal failure: CRF & subsequent uremia are commonly associated with erectile dysfunctions (i.e. impotence) decreased desire. Approx. 60% of CRF patients suffers with impotence. It occurs due to decreased penile blood supply. Nerve involvement & hormone disorders.
Treatment includes Ayurvedic medicine & Modern Medicines hormone therapy & injections for detail in section treatment of impotence.

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