Sex Potency Fitness Checkup

Sexual potency fitness checkup before or after marriage is also provided at our centre by detailed history, examination, few blood tests as male sex hormones, penile blood supply tests, nerves of penis so that they can go for marriage with confidence. They are explained in detail every aspect of sexuality. We provide detail sex education, sex counseling, & sex therapy so that they don't fail & perform coitus with confidence.
We tell the patient about female sexual organ as vulva, clitoris, vaginal opening. Then we also teach the correct technique of penile insertion for the first time with a virgin wife. We also tell the G spot in the vagina. This is an approximately one-centimeter size spot on front wall of vagina. This is a very sensitive part of female body. When this part of female body is stimulated, then women get highly aroused & get multiple orgasms. Thus all the men must know these highly erogenous areas of female. After learning these techniques you'll become an expert lover & your partner will always crave for your company.
At our centre we have all the facility for complete investigation of various causes of Erection difficulties & other sex problems. So we perform following tests, step by step depending on their need based on history & examination. 
The various diagnostic tests needed/performed are as follows: - 
Step- I: Hormone Testing: There are two types of hormones in body some stimulates penile hardness whereas there are other hormones which inhibit penile stiffness. 
Male & Female sex hormones & other associated Hormones are tested by latest-immunoassay techniques. These hormones includes total Testosterones, free testosterones, Prolactins, LH, FSH, T3, T4, TSH others as Cortical, E2, Free testosterones SHBG etc.. Among above tests relevant hormones are tested in that particular patient. Results are available in 36 hours. In the hormone testing either stimulatory sex hormones may be low leading to less erection or those hormones which are inhibitory may be high leading to inhibition of penile erection. These hormones are tested by taking blood sample from forearm. When we find out any of above hormone disorder simply correction of these hormone disorders corrects the erectile dysfunctions in two months time. 
Blood glucose & other systemic test may be required depending on the need. 
Step I1: Penile Blood Supply Testing: 
This test is done to decide whether impotence is due to decreased blood supply to penis or disorders of nerves or due to some other causes. This test is also called PIPE (Pharmacological induced penile erection) test.
In this test we examine the dorsal penis artery & veins after giving the various Vasodilators either orally or as injectable, also we asses whether penis is getting full hard or not after vasodilator use, how long hardness is persisting in response to theses vasodilators. If penis is not becoming fully hard or not staying hard for at least fifteen minutes even after adequate dose of vasodilators than cause of impotence is inadequate blood supply to penis or due to leakage of blood out of penis due to venous leak. If penis is getting full hard and staying longer than fifteen minutes then cause is nerves of penis are not functioning or some other cause. There are two types of blood supply disorders are found on blood supply testing.
The first pattern is suggestive of penile arterial blockade in which blood does not flows in penis from blood circulation due to block in arterial supply of penis. This obstruction in vascular supply is diagnosed by above mentioned blood supply test in which after giving blood flow medicine we find that there is increase in blood flow in arteries of penis is less than normal with resultant absence of achievement of full hardness of penis for sufficient time. This test is very simple to perform if the concerned doctor is well trained & experienced. This is an O. P. D. procedure & takes approximately 30 minutes to perform the test. We do these tests daily at our centre as we have all the required instruments to do these tests. Once we diagnose that there is decreased blood supply to penis then we find out the cause of this inadequate blood flow. 
Once the cause of decreased blood supply is diagnosed then treatment becomes very easy with virtually full chances of permanent cure.
Second pattern found on blood supply testing is Leakage of blood out of penis back into circulation after initial full erection (also known as Veno-occlusive dysfunction): In this defect, blood flows from circulation to penis normally but due to continuous leak of blood out of penis due to defect in penile valves whose job is to stop the leakage of blood out of penis, enough penis hardness is either not achieved or even if penis becomes fully hard it become loose there after due to leakage of blood out of it. When we do blood supply testing, in this disorder there is good blood flow in arteries of penis through out study, but there is continuous leakage of blood is seen through valves of penile veins. 
Step-3: N.P.T. MONITORING: Penile Erection assessment at night (called as nocturnal penile tumescence) is done by Rigiscan device (it measures penile rigidity & diameter) to differentiate between impotence of psychogenic origin or due to some internal cause. If N.P.T. monitoring shows Normal results it means impotence is Psychogenic, if results are impaired means impotence is due to some internal cause. 
Step 4: DUPLEX SCANNING: (Doppler & ultrasound scanning before & after vasodilator use) In this Testing with use of vasodilator drugs/Duplex vascular scanning is done to decide which type of problem patient is suffering, accordingly treatment is prescribed. It assesses arterial diameter & blood flow status. It helps in differentiating & pinpointing the cause of impotence i.e. whether it is arterial or venous cause & what is the specific cause of that problem so that it can be treated properly.
Step 5: Sex Counseling: After detail discussion with our male & female sex therapist, we try to finds out the root cause of sex problem then we treat accordingly. For counseling we take detail history of sexual development, his thoughts, his misconception about sex, his old experience in sex, his unconscious fears about sex. This counseling session unravels all the hidden psychological causes of sexual inadequacy. 
Response of Treatment: We have fully dedicated team of highly qualified, experienced, doctors, sex counselors, sex therapist, who are expert in field of sexology. If we find any defect in above tests it can be easily treated in two months time.
Understanding of developing impotency by Modern Medicine fails to impress most patients. Only AYURVEDIC MEDICINES HAVE PERMANENT CURE FOR developing impotency .WE AT Dr.S.K.Jain’s Burlington Clinic (P) Ltd Lucknow  in valueable guidance of Dr.Saransh Jain Have Permanent Cure.
Thus Prof. (DR.) SARANSH  JAIN advice to any body who is going to get married are: 
1) Please get yourself completely investigated, find out the cause, get complete treatment accordingly with good cure rate.
2) Never presume your problem as Psychogenic unless other causes have been excluded.
3) Remember males should be potent till late seventies unless they have some cause such as Hormone disorder or decreased penile blood supply. So at any age you may attain potency after complete diagnosis and treatment.
4) Remember Ayurvedic doctors do not have knowledge of various causes of erectile dysfunction and they just give empirical sex tonics with no improvement or only partial temporary improvement. Also unfortunately most Ayurvedic doctor exploit patients.
5) Now treatment of impotence is possible with satisfactory results with the availability of newer drugs.
Sex Toys: as artificial vagina ( It is in the form of  inflatable complete female body which have breast sexy body including vagina just like female body are available). These toys are foldable & can be carried in a small bag or can be kept in a small drawer. These are very useful for many people who are lonely or who have fear from doing sex with female.
Similarly for females, an artificial penis,& Vibrators  which vibrates & give enjoyment just like normal penis are available.


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