The Kamasutra

The Kamasutra

Prof. (DR.) SARANSH  JAIN HAS WRITTEN A BOOK ON KAMASUTRA ABOUT HIS BOOK HE SAYS THAT Definitely, this book has nothing in common with sexual gymnastics. The Kamasutra represents a set of reliable and proven ancient Indian knowledge and traditions composed many centuries ago.
The Kamasutra is a scientific treatise about experience of true love, aimed to settle and harmonize a multi-level relationship a woman and a man may have, starting from every day’s life to intimate and inwardness of their match, providing the reaching of Kama (sensual satisfaction).
Introducing a thorough and serious investigation, the text provides a deep reader not only with ability to know a true meaning of love between man and woman, but also opens the mind to a better understanding of human nature along with his or her partner one.
What does the word “Kamasutra” mean
According to the literal translation from Sanskrit, “Kama Sutra” stands for “the Rule Book of Kama” or “Theory of Kama”. Therefore a question appears, what does the Kama mean to us and what is the purpose of it? Kama is a sensual part of life that consists of physical and emotional pleasure. The point is that Indian culture emphasizes four main virtues, e.g. four main life goals which an average Indian should gain:

  • Kama represents a sensuous aspect of life that unveils a physical and emotional enjoyment.
  • Artha stands for cognition, competence, material prosperity, glory and power.
  • Dharma means morality and wisdom.
  • Moksha gives liberation.

These virtues are of equal importance and are essential for every human being. Thus, “Kama” that is responsible for a sensual pleasure, is the first step in one’s way to perception of his or her divine origins. That’s why the book is called “The Kamasutra” or “The Kama Sutra”.
What does the Kamasutra really teach us
In the light of the above, now the reason of its creation becomes quite clear to us. This book – is a revision of the best prior religious and philosophical texts, so to say a guide, which comprises of the texts dedicated to the achievement of “Kama” – one of the four most important life goals a human can reach, specifically the perception of the sensual enjoyment, e.g. love, sexual satisfaction, desire and passion.
The majority, being surprised, admits their initial incomprehension of the purpose of this book, considering it only as a set of items that guides how to get a physical closeness between man and woman in a more diverse way. Nevertheless, the Kamasutra completely excludes and does not welcome such an activity without any emotional consonance, so to say, this “tiny thread” – passion, sensuality and love.
The main idea of the Kamasutra book
If there is no love found, you will never gain any satisfaction that a sexual relationship may bring about, neither will you make the chakras to be full of warmness and languor full, nor will you ever relieve your body of desire of love. The only thing you get – is a waste of your time.
Without love, the process mentioned above turns out to be the similar that animals have while their serving. In this case, you will definitely fail to succeed in the art of love, even if you do know a number of the most intricate sexual positions shown in the Kamasutra.
Relationships between men and women. What they should be
The Man. According to this book, a man should not only welter in sexual pleasure with woman, but also he is to support and extol her, bearing the responsibility for her emotions. It is not accidentally that he is the man, a true male, whose will is a rule, but remaining in the hands of his woman, he has to give his confidence to her. To accomplish all these, it’s better to create all the necessary conditions that will not allow her to have any desire to find somebody else, who would be more cozy and attractive.
The Woman. According to the Kamasutra, the woman’s mission is to provide her man with pleasure. She, like a Garden of Eden, must be able to trap him and embrace with warmness, care, to be not only attractive in the meaning of sexual life, but be irreplaceable in all aspects of his life. Having abided all these tips, her man would always remain faithful to her, giving her the sense of freedom and making more equal to him.
The Kamasutra makes it clearly that without respect, love, tenderness and enamourment any of the sexual positions turns out to be just a simple repletion of somebody’s wants, such as to have a breakfast, ease oneself or drink water. Such closeness, sooner or later, will mean nothing, no matter who it is, a man or a woman. As a flower being planted into the fertile ground and warmed by the sunshine can delight the eye, so the sexual relationship, being warmed and saturated with emotional appeal and closeness will get you on cloud nine. For the sake of it, one could learn and try all the Kama Sutra’s positions, which will probably bring freshness to your sexual life, bearing great fruits, the main fruit of your mutual love – children.


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